ANSI/EIA-649 Certification Class, CMPIC Course 6

Configuration Management Industry Standard SAE EIA-649C Principles and Applications Certification

CMPIC Course 6

CMPIC Course 6 EIA-649 ANSI/EIA-649B Principles Applications Certification


About this Course

The course content will address the full standard and each student will receive a licensed PDF copy of the latest version of "SAE EIA-649 Rev C Standard for Configuration Management," an SAE International standard.

SAE EIA-649, Standard for Configuration Management, is perhaps the most widely accepted Configuration Management (CM) standard in use today. The standard applies to commercial as well as government organizations. The standard offers valuable advice on requirements for achieving successful CM implementations. Its authors come from various commercial and government backgrounds and are experts in the field of CM. This course will explain the logic and meaning behind the various EIA-649 principles, and offer options for implementation approaches and how best to apply the standard in various environments.


About SAE EIA-649

EIA-649 represents the best in configuration management. It is the latest CM standard for commercial and government configuration management whether hardware, software, facilities or IT. Virtually all current standards/industry requirements for CM, etc. including government standards, ITIL CM requirements, ISO 10007 CM guidance, AS9100 and more, share the same principles as defined within EIA-649. Learn what the latest version of EIA-649 has to say about CM Planning (CM Plan), Identification, Change Management, Verification and Audit, and Status Accounting.



There are no prerequisites for this course.


Intended Audience

  • Individuals who want to learn the basic principles of configuration management per industry standard.
  • Organizations who have EIA-649 called out as a guidance document in contracts (note: 649 is not intended to be a compliance document).
  • Any organization who wants to meet industry standard CM requirements.
  • CM professionals who are considered CM Subject Matter Experts who have not had an EIA-649 course.


    What will be covered is this course?

    The course content will address the full standard and students will receive a PDF version of the entire standard.
    Course is 3 days in length; 8:00 AM-4:30 PM.

    Download Course Brochure (PDF)



    Day 1 Day 3
    1. SAE EIA-649 Contents Overview 11. 5.3 Configuration Change Management 2 of 2 & Workshop
    2. Foreword & Section: 1.0 Introduction  12. 5.4 Configuration Status Accounting 
    3. 2.0 Scope, 3.0 References & 4.0 Terminology 13. 5.5 Configuration Verification and Audit 
    4. 5.0 CM Functions and Principles 14. Application Notes and Annex A  
    5. 5.1 CM Planning & Management & Workshop Exam
    Day 2  
    6. 5.2 Configuration Identification 1 of 4  
    7. 5.2 Configuration Identification 2 of 4  
    8. 5.2 Configuration Identification 3 of 4   
    9. 5.2 Configuration Identification 4 of 4 & Workshop  
    10. 5.3 Configuration Change Management 1 of 2  

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