Configuration Management Assessor Certification

CMPIC Course 7:  20-24 hours  |  2.0 - 2.4 CEUs  |  Certification

Picture of a professional woman pondering an assessment.


This advanced skills course is designed for Configuration Management (CM) professionals who are responsible for CM process improvement in their organization. The course will teach assessment techniques used to uncover deficiencies in existing processes and identify areas of improvement.

The assessment technique uses a comparative approach, assessing current practice in all major elements of CM to internationally recognized industry best practice as defined in the recently updated SAE-EIA-649 Rev C Standard for Configuration Management. Students will also learn about other major industry standards and quality initiatives such as ANSI/EIA-649, CMMI, ITIL, MIL-HDBK-61, that may be referenced in assessments.

During this course, students will use a realistic scenario to actively plan and prepare an assessment and produce the corresponding assessment report for a real world hands-on experience. The skills learned in this course will provide a sound basis for conducting future assessments that will enable them to move forward with CM process improvements.




After successfully completing this course and exam, you will receive 2.0 - 2.4 CEUs (CEUs dependent upon class hours) and your Configuration Management Assessor Certification from CMPIC LLC.



  • Individuals who are responsible for CM continuous improvement in their organization.

  • Individuals who want to move their organization toward best CM practice.

  • Individuals who need to assure their current CM processes meet related industry standards.



Attendees must have completed CMPIC Course 6, "SAE EIA-649C Principles & Applications Certification"



    Part 1
  • Introduction
  • The Core Elements of Configuration Management
  • Assessment Planning and Preparation
  • Assessment Techniques
  • Workshop #1: Set Up an Assessment
  • Assessing "CM Planning and Management"
    Part 2
  • Assessing "Configuration Identification"
  • Assessing "Configuration Change Management"
  • Assessing "Configuration Status Accounting"
  • Assessing "Configuration Verification and Audit"
  • Workshop #2: Determine Key Findings
    Part 3
  • The Assessment Report
  • Workshop #3: Prepare the Assessment Report
  • Review and Feedback
  • Certification Exam



Excellent examples of application. Very nice to walk away with sample questions and methods to approach interviewing and assessing!

I feel more prepared to conduct an assessment more thoroughly with this info!! What I really like is we are given options and different views on how CM can be accomplished.

Very informative course that will be useful in improving certain areas of my organization.

The course has excellent notes that will act as reference for future assessments overall, my time was well spent in learning to become an effective assessor.

Thank you for the CMPIC coursework, I believe I am prepared to create my CM department with integrity and current CM practices.

I will leave this course completely satisfied in learning more about how to start a new project by providing an assessment.

The course material is relevant, up-to-date, and timely. I have 2 audits to do next week and I plan to use this material during my audits.

I would recommend this course. I finally know how to do an assessment versus an audit. Thank you very much.