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Configuration Management Standards & Practices Update

CMPIC Course 9

CMPIC Course 9 CM Refresher Standards and Practices Update


About this Course

This three-day course will provide an update and overview of current Industry CM standards, industry practices, CM Tools, and overall trends. The purpose of this course is to assist in keeping your CM skills and education up to date. This course will be updated regularly to reflect current standards, methodologies, and other advances in the profession.


Attendees should be familiar with Configuration Management practices as this course is not intended to teach basic CM principles and implementation practices.

Attendees must have at least 2 years experience in Configuration Management, Quality Assurance or Project Management and/or have a certification in CM prior to taking this course.

NOTE: If you intend to use this course to pursue your Master's Certification in Enterprise Configuration Management via Track II you will be required to meet additional requirements. Please see the Master's Certification page for more details.

NOTE: No certification is given at the end of this course.


Intended Audience

This course is intended for experienced CM & related professionals who periodically need to get updated on current trends, standards, automation, and best practices in CM.


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Day 1 Day 3
1. Configuration Management (CM) Overview 13. Status Accounting
2. CM History and Requirements 14. Verification and Audit
3. Quality Assurance and CM & Workshop 15. CM Plans and Planning
4. Elements of CM per Industry Standards 16. CM: New Development and Operation & Maintenance (O&M)
5. Configuration Identification 17. Configuration Management Tools
6. Product Structure & Workshop EXAM
Day 2  
7. Baselines  
8. Change Management Preparation & Disposition  
9. Change Management Implementation & Workshop  
10. Eliminating Bottlenecks  
11. Deviations, Waivers, and Variances  
12. Change Management Metrics & Workshop  

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