CM Foundations, CMPIC Certification Course 1

Configuration Management Foundations

CMPIC Course 1



The Configuration Management Foundations course provides a high level overview of the role of configuration management as it relates to assuring conformance in regards to products and processes. It also discusses the history of CM, the logic behind CM, the various elements of CM (planning, identification, change management, status accounting, verification and audit). It also reviews various government and industry approaches to CM as well as various perceptions associated with CM.

Certification Requirements

Students who attend CMPIC Courses 1, 2, 3, & 4 and successfully pass the exams will receive “CMPIC Certification” designating they have passed an approved course of study in Configuration Management Principles and Implementation (CMPIC).


There are no prerequisites for this course.

View or Download the CMPIC CM Certification brochure (PDF) which provides course descriptions, objectives, outlines and fees.


What if you already have CM Certification?

Stay on top of your game! Experience and education are key to successful configuration management. The CMPIC certification courses will expose even the most experienced personnel to new approaches and techniques. If you were certified years ago, it may be time to update your CM knowledge base and skills.


1. Introduction 8. Life Cycle Concepts
2. Configuration Management Overview 9. Document, Data, & Management
3. Who Needs Configuration Management 10. Configuration Management & Information Quality
4. Configuration Management History & Requirements Workshop
Workshop 11. What Does Configuration Management Cost?
5. Configuration Management & Quality 12. Configuration Management is Misunderstood
6. Elements of Configuration Management 13. So You Don't Want CM?
7. Terminology Issues Workshop

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