CM Assessor Certification Class, CMPIC Course 7

Configuration Management for Engineers, Project Managers and Quality Assurance Professionals

CMPIC Course 12

CMPIC Course 12 CM for Engineers and Project Managers PM

About this Course

Configuration Management (CM) is an integral part of Engineering, Project Management and Quality Assurance. Many engineers, project managers and quality people know about the “CM department” but few know of the enormous benefits CM can bring when properly integrated with engineering / project management / QA.

This 2-day course will provide a high level overview of the role of configuration management as it relates to overall efficiency and effectiveness. It will address the benefits of integrating CM with engineering / project management / QA, responsibilities associated with CM, and the various elements of CM such as: planning, identification, change management, status accounting, verification, and audit. Attendees will be exposed to the complete landscape of CM activities and will learn how to make CM processes work for them.


There are no prerequisites for this course.


Intended Audience

This class is intended for engineers, project managers, quality assurance personnel and anyone else interested in the relationship between configuration management and engineering / project management / QA.

NOTE: This class is only available to be taught on-site at your facility to 10 or more students. Please review CMPIC's on-site policy for more details.


Certificate Requirements

Students who successfully complete this course will receive a certificate of completion from CMPIC and 1.6 Continuing Education Units (CEUs) from the University of Houston. There is no exam and no certification given for this course.

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Day 1 Day 2
1. CM: A High Level View 7. Change Management - Implementation
2. CM History, Benefits, Requirements 8. Deviations, Waivers and Variances
3. CM and the Product Life Cycle & Workshop 9. Configuration Status Accounting & Workshop
4. Elements of CM - Brief Overview 10. Configuration Verification and Audit
5. Configuration Identification 11. CM Plans and Planning
6. Change Management - Preparation & Disposition & Workshop 12. CM and New Development
  Appendix A - “So You Don’t Want CM?”

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