CM Assessor Certification Class, CMPIC Course 7

Configuration Management for Quality Assurance Professionals

CMPIC Course 11

CMPIC Course 11 CM for Quality Assurance QA Professionals

About this Course: This course is no longer being taught by CMPIC. Please see CMPIC Course 12.

This 2-day class will address the role of configuration management as it relates to industry Quality Assurance Standards and government requirements. It will be based on industry configuration management requirements found in ISO 10007 as well as ANSI/EIA-649.

Configuration Management (CM) is an integral part of all Quality Assurance Standards. Quality System standards such as TL9000 (Telecommunications) and AS9100 (Aerospace) specifically require CM whereas other Quality System standards, such as ISO 9001 and TS 16949 (Automotive), reference CM as a means of assuring identification and traceability; all of which reference ISO 10007, Quality Management Systems - Guidelines for Configuration Management. Even without specifically using the term “configuration management”, the US Code of Federal Regulations’ quality sections, found in Title 10 Energy, Title 14 Aeronautics and Space, Title 19 Labor, Title 32 National Defense, and Title 21 Food and Drugs, require implementing all of the elements of CM.

This course will explain the various elements of CM such as planning, identification, change management, status accounting, verification, and audit. Students will walk away with a solid understanding of configuration management and the role of CM within their organization’s quality management system.


There are no prerequisites for this course.


Intended Audience

This class is intended for Quality Assurance Professionals and others interested in the relationship between quality and configuration management.

NOTE: This class is only available to be taught on-site at your facility to 10 or more students. Please review CMPIC's on-site policy for more details.


Certificate Requirements

Students who successfully complete this course will receive a certificate of completion from CMPIC. There is no exam and no certifications given for this course.

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Day 1 Day 2
1. CM: A High Level View 7. Configuration Identification
2. History of CM 8. Configuration Change Management
3. Benefits of CM 9. Configuration Status Accounting
4. Quality Assurance Standards and CM (ISO, TL, AS, TS) 10. Configuration Verification & Audit
5. Code of Federal Regulations and CM 11. Configuration Management & QA Planning
6. CM Specific Standards (EIA, ISO etc.) 12. CM Misunderstandings

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