CM Certification Courses

CMPIC's Configuration Management Programs

CMPIC Program
Configuration Management Principles & Implementation Certification Program

Course 1: CM Foundations2 days
Course 2: CM Identification2 days
Course 3: Change Management2 days
Course 4: CM Implementation2 days

CM Principles & Implementation Certification
8 days, 6.0 CEUs

Successful completion of the “CM Principles and Implementation” program signifies that you understand current CM requirements per industry CM standards and guidelines, understand the various elements / functions of CM, and have been exposed to modern day approaches to achieve successful CM process implementation. Learn more about this certification program by visiting "CMPIC Certification: 1-4".



CMPICM Program
Master's Certification Program in Enterprise Configuration Management

Master's Certification in Enterprise CM

Successful completion of the “Master’s Certification in Enterprise CM” program requirements signifies that you been taught and exposed to the various CM standards, principles and techniques required to implement CM in various functional areas as well as a wide variety of environments. To learn about the two ways you can attain this designation, visit "Master's Certification".



CMSME™ Program
CM Subject Matter Expert Program


Successful completion of the “CMSME” program signifies that you have met the program requirements of learning the many Configuration Management (CM) principles and techniques required to implement CM in various functional areas within an organization. Becoming an active member in this program demonstrates your commitment to remaining current in all aspects of Configuration Management and an advanced achievement in continuous CM education. Learn about this certification program by visiting "CMSME".


View or Download the CMPIC CM Certification brochure (PDF) which provides all course descriptions, objectives and outlines.