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Headshot of Larry Gurule, CMPIC President and Lead Configuration Management Instructor, teacher of CM classes.

A. Larry Gurule

Mr. Gurule is the President of CMPIC LLC, lead instructor, and author of CMPIC’s course material. He has decades of experience in configuration management, including consulting, assessing, and teaching on the subject matter to a wide variety of organizations across the globe. Mr. Gurule is an active member in the CM community and part of the SAE G-33 committee.

+  Additional Details and Qualifications
  • CMPIC President, Instructor and Course Author

  • President, i-infusion, Inc.

  • Chairperson, Florida Section SAE International

  • Vice Chair, SAE/SMC/G33 Configuration Management Committee. Project sponsor for 649C revision.

  • Active SAE G-33/G-47/EIMI/LCLS committee participant, Contributor / Reviewer / Balloting participant on HB-649A, Configuration Management Handbook Implementation Guide, as well as SME / Reviewer / Balloting participant on SAE/EIA-649-1, Configuration Management Requirements for Defense Contracting.

  • Decades of Configuration Management experience on hundreds of government and commercial projects including the DoD, tier 1 and sub tier aerospace/defense suppliers, electronic developers/manufactures, medical developers/manufactures, automotive developers/manufactures, and industrial equipment developers/manufactures, as well as numerous service/process industry technology implementations.

  • Experienced consultant and CM instructor specializing in the methodical investigation, analysis, review and documentation of all or part of a business in terms of business functions and processes, the information used and the data on which the information is based. For use in process and knowledge driven environments, including acquisition, product development, engineering, manufacturing, supply chain, retail, distribution, and sustainment.

  • Instructor/Lecturer/Consultant to, hundreds of commercial and government organizations on topics such as: achieving process improvement through the use of CM principles and achieving unburdensome accountability.

  • Has and currently conducts CM assessments for commercial and government organizations.

  • Specialized training including Project Management, Configuration Management Professional Certification, Systems Engineering, Lean Six Sigma, Lean Enterprise, Lean Bill of Materials, Balanced Score Card and Activity Based Costing methodologies.

  • Authored articles, papers, and presentations on Operational Process Improvement, Lean Bill of Materials, and best practice management methodologies.

  • BS/MS Mechanical Engineering, University of Colorado, CMPIC Certification, CMSME, CMII Certification, CM Lead Assessor Certification, CM Professional Certification, American Society for Quality (ASQ) Member, SAE International member.
Headshot of Mike Treadwell, CMPIC Associate Instructor, teacher of CM classes.

Mike Treadwell

Mr. Treadwell is a CMPIC Associate Instructor and president of the Association for Configuration and Data Management (ACDM). He has served as CM assessor and consultant on business/management improvements, training others in the configuration management practices in accordance with the latest standards.

+  Additional Details and Qualifications
  • CMPIC Associate Instructor for both public offerings as well as a on-site Configuration Management Courses

  • Principal, Configuration Management Advocates, L.L.C., a consultancy firm specializing in the training, assessment and advisement of configuration management and business practices

  • Chair, SAE International G-33 Committee on Configuration Management

  • President, Association of Configuration and Data Management, an international consortium of Configuration and Data Managers.

  • Decades of configuration management experience in the Aerospace and Defense marketplace as both an acquirer (U.S. Naval Sea Systems Command and U.S. Postal Service) but also a supplier (Northrop Grumman Mission Systems, Motorola, Lockheed Martin).

  • Holds Configuration Management certification from National Defense Industrial Association (NDIA), the Institute of Configuration Management (ICM now operating as iPX) and CMPIC, including designation as a Configuration Management Subject Matter Expert (CMSME)

  • Graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy Prep School, attended the U.S. Naval Academy, and has been awarded the following the academic degrees: Bachelor of Arts in Geography and Earth Sciences – Towson State University; Master of Science in Management (MSM) – Regis University; Graduate Certificate in Systems Engineering – University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC).
Headshot of Richard Dick Cashman, CMPIC Associate Instructor, teacher of CM classes.

Dick Cashman

Mr. Cashman is a CMPIC Associate Instructor consultant on process improvement. He has years of experience working in configuration management, becoming qualified in requirements management, project management, and improving efficiency and effectiveness in organizations.

+  Additional Details and Qualifications
  • CMPIC Associate Instructor with 17 years of configuration management experience.

  • President, Cashman Training Services, LLC, a firm specializing in the training and consulting on configuration management and business efficiency processes.

  • Served 23 years in the US Air Force, with most of it spent as an instructor providing technical training to aircrew.

  • Served 19 years as a direct-support contractor to the Air Force, performing Configuration Management and Requirements management for IT-based command and control systems.

  • Certified by CMPIC as a Configuration Management Subject Matter Expert (CMSME) and CMII certified by ICM.

  • Graduated from Texas A&M University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science, and from Boston University with Master of Science degree in Business Administration.

  • Commercial Pilot - Airplane Single- and Multi-engine Land; Certified Flight Instructor - Airplane Single Engine Land and Instrument Airplane.


Bruce Littell

Mr. Littell is a CMPIC Associate Instructor with years of configuration management experience, including consulting and teaching on the subject.

+  Additional Details and Qualifications
  • Mr. Littell is a CMPIC Associate Instructor.

  • Owner, Sensiblecm, LLC.

  • Member SAE International G-33 Committee on Configuration Management.

  • Member IEEE.

  • Decades of configuration management experience in the Aerospace and Defense marketplace as both an acquirer (U.S. Navy Strategic Systems Programs) but also a supplier (BAE Systems (Navy, FAA, U.S. Air Force and Ballistic Missile Defense Office (now Missile Defense Agency).

  • Holds Configuration Management certification from CMPIC, including designation as a Configuration Management Subject Matter Expert (CMSME).

  • Graduate of National Louis University and has been awarded the following the academic degrees: Bachelor of Science in Management – National Louis University; Master’s Certificate in Enterprise Configuration Management – University of Houston.

Headshot of Harald Schwabe, CMPIC Associate Instructor, teacher of CM classes in Germany, German.

Harald Schwabe

Mr. Schwabe is a CM and PLM specialist for design and implementation processes and database applications, along with being a CMPIC Associate Instructor. He holds a degree in CMII and CMPIC Master's certification from the University of Houston. Since 1994 he has been working for usb GmbH in various projects and programs in the field of aerospace.

+  Additional Details and Qualifications
  • Over 30 years’ experience in establishing and operating CM processes on each Level (Product, System and Software) for major military aircraft and simulation projects.

  • Consultant for the introduction of PLM systems.

  • Bilingual (German and English) consultant and trainer with international experience.

  • Frequent speaker and workshop coordinator for CM-related conferences and events.

  • Active SAE G-33 committee participant.

Headshot of Lisa Fenwick, CMPIC Associate Instructor

Lisa Fenwick

Ms. Fenwick is a CMPIC Associate Instructor and VP of Product Development for CMstat. She has over 25 years of experience with CM and Deliverables Management and has benefited from both CMPIC and CMII certifications. Ms. Fenwick has achieved CMPIC SME and CM Assessor certifications. Her experience includes implementing CM software products in commercial and government environments, CM-related consulting and training, and participation in the SAE G-33 Committee.

+  Additional Details and Qualifications
  • Customer support lead for CMstat and CCB Chair managing software product offerings and all related collateral.

  • Owner of Kime Solutions, LLC – CM consulting and training services.

  • Participated in G-33 creation of EIA-836 Configuration Management Data Exchange and Interoperability and EIA-859 Data Management.

  • Frequent speaker on CM topics at various conferences and training events.

  • Contributor to CMstat CMsights blog: CMsights News on Configuration Management and Data Management (

  • BSME Mechanical Engineering UMD.

Headshot of Leisa Lemaster, CMPIC Associate Instructor.

Leisa Lemaster

Ms Lemaster is a CMPIC Associate Instructor, CMSME configuration management (CM) subject matter expert (SME) with 40 years of experience in Department of Defense (DoD) acquisition development, production, and sustainment programs, possessing unique qualifications, insights and understanding of CM, data management and data digital transformation. Experienced in both US Air Force (USAF) and foreign military sales (FMS) programs to include F-16, F-15, Advanced Targeting Pod (ATP), Global Hawk, MQ-1 and MQ-9. Principal author of MIL-HDBK-61B, Configuration Management Guidance, and major contributor to the creation and maintenance of industry standards governing CM—providing up-to-date solutions to current CM challenges. Active instructor for SAE industry standards to include SAE-649C, Configuration Management, and SAE-649-1A, Configuration Management for DoD Contracts. NH-03, Department of the Air Force (DAF) (Retired)

+  Additional Details and Qualifications
  • CM Training LML, LLC Owner and CEO. CMPIC LLC Associate Instructor.

  • Served the amazing men and women of the USAF for 40 years as a government civilian in Configuration/Data Management.

  • Provided skilled implemenation of the systems engineering process for establishing and maintaining consistency of a product's performance, functional and physical attributes with its requirements, design and operational information throughout its life.

  • Experience in team-building, Total Quality Management (TQM) and process improvement.

  • Two-time winner of the Teal Award for Excellence in Configuration Management.

  • Member of the SAE G-33 Committee for Configuration Management responsible for writing industry standards for Configuration Management.

  • Bachelor of Science, Business Administration and Management (Park University), CMPIC Certification, Master's Certification in Enterprise CM, CMSME, CM Instructor certification.
Headshot of Jeff Heisler, CMPIC Associate Instructor.

Jeff Heisler

Jeff Heisler is retired USAF, and currently the software developer of Orpheus, a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform designed to facilitate and enable Process Lifecycle Modeling and Management. He is also a CMPIC instructor for Course 8, Software Configuration Management and the Platform Manager for TikTok’s learning platform. He has spent the last 20 years developing software for the PDM/CM industry, and 15 years before that writing software for DOD’s Logistics Agency. Jeff is also an actor and joins his wife on stage regularly at their family owned Heisler Theater.

+  Additional Details and Qualifications
  • Heisler Consulting Owner and CEO. CMPIC LLC Associate Instructor.

  • Currently developing apps using Google's Flutter/Dart with Firebase NoSQL backend for Progressive Web Apps, desktop Windows/Mac, phone, tablet... After decades doing client server using Delphi with Oracle/SQL Server.

  • Software Development Consultant providing Full-Stack Development · DevOps · Web Services API · Cloud Computing · Front-End Development · Web Application Development · Back-End Web Development · Firebase · Git · Object-Oriented Programming (OOP)

  • Owner and actor at Heisler Theater in California.

  • Bachelor of Science (University of Maryland), CMPIC Certification, Master's Certification in Enterprise CM, CMSME, CM Instructor certification.


In Recognition of Steve Easterbrook, Founder of CMPIC LLC

Headshot of Steve Easterbrook, CMPIC's President and Lead Configuration Management Instructor.
Mr. Easterbrook was CMPIC's Founder, President, Lead Instructor, and Course Author. He has vast experience in configuration management applied to both government, contractor, and commercial organizations. Mr. Easterbrook taught thousands of students around the globe, lectured at dozens of conferences on the topic of configuration management, and wrote many CM songs, earning him the reputation as a CM Rock Star.

+  Additional Details and Qualifications
  • Experienced CM instructor/consultant in both commercial and government environments.

  • Twelve years experience as a Configuration Management manager in government and commercial organizations.

  • An additional fifteen years with the Institute of Configuration Management as instructor/consultant.

  • Eleven years at CMPIC, LLC as president and instructor

  • Has taught CM to thousands of students.

  • Outside the classroom, he has lectured to, and/or consulted with, thousands of individuals from hundreds of commercial and government organizations on the subject of CM process improvement.

  • Conducted CM assessments for some very high profile commercial and government organizations including NASA's International Space Station Program.

  • Has spoken either as keynote, general session or emcee at dozens of CM and tool vendor conferences. Steve also had the honor of being selected to speak to the FAA as part of its FAA's Distinguished Lecturer series.

  • Former President of the Association of Configuration and Data Management (ACDM) and previously on ACDM's Board of Governors.

  • Editor of "The CM Resource Guide" first published in 1994.

  • BS Cornell University, MBA Bryant University, CMPIC Certification, CMII Certified, CM Lead Assessor,American Society for Quality (ASQ) Member, SAE International member G-33, ACDM member.

  • Linkedin: