Software Configuration Management Certification Class, CMPIC Course 8

Software Configuration Management:

Strategies, Techniques and Tools

CMPIC Course 8

CMPIC Course 8 SCM Software Configuration Management


About this Course

This four day course provides a basic introduction to the theory, principles, and techniques of Software Configuration Management (SCM) as it applies to the entire software lifecycle. It addresses the application of SCM in a wide variety of approaches to software development and maintenance, from traditional to agile. The course illustrates the SCM strategies, techniques, and required tool capabilities that support each of the activities in the software development life cycle. The student will also gain a value-based understanding of which SCM techniques are most useful for the development approach and tool capabilities that currently exist in their company. The course concludes by providing an SCM implementation framework for planning and selecting the optimal SCM strategy and tool capabilities for both the project and organizational levels.


Prerequisites for this Course

Successful completion of CMPIC Courses 1 - 4, or CM job experience, is recommended prior to attending this class. Students should be familiar with common CM terms and software development practices prior to taking this course.


Intended Audience

This course is designed for CM practitioners looking to broaden their CM knowledge into the area of SCM and for those directly involved in software development who are looking to realize the benefits of SCM in their projects. Organizational and project managers involved in CM and process improvement initiatives will also benefit from the insights into SCM strategy and planning. Students will have the opportunity to explore current trends in SCM capabilities and technology and to discuss issues of common interest with an experienced practitioner and their peers in the class.



All attendees will receive "Software Configuration Management" Certification after successfully completing this course.

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