SAE EIA-649-1A Configuration Management Requirements for Defense Contracts Certification

CMPIC Course 10:  20-24 hours  |  2.00 to 2.40 CEUs  |  Certification


Expert writing CM Standard EIA 649-1 CM Requirements for Defense Contacts.


The course content will address the full standard including associated DID’s and DD Forms. Each student will receive a licensed PDF copy of the latest version of "SAE EIA-649-1A Configuration Management Requirements for Defense Contracts" after successful completion of this course.

SAE EIA-649-1, Configuration Management Requirements for Defense Contracts, defines requirements for a Defense enterprise implementation of EIA-649 in an acquirer/supplier contractual relationship. These requirements are intended to be tailored by the acquirer and cited in contracts, or similar agreements, with Suppliers to establish requirements for Configuration Management tasks consistent with ANSI/EIA-649 and each of its functions and principles. This standard applies to commercial as well as government organizations. It offers valuable advice on requirements for achieving successful CM implementations. Its authors come from various commercial and government backgrounds and are experts in the field of CM.

This course will explain the logic and meaning behind the various EIA-649-1 principles, and offer options for implementation approaches and how best to tailor and apply the standard in various environments.




SAE EIA649-1 is a defense-unique standard to the non-government standard, “SAE EIA-649 Configuration Management Standard,” that provides requirements specific for Defense contracts. This standard is for placing Acquirer tailored Configuration Management (CM) requirements on Defense contracts and applies to both hardware and software.

Consistent with SAE EIA-649, the SAE EIA 649-1A makes use of the acquirer and supplier roles to define requirements against the five CM functions: Configuration Planning and Management, Configuration Identification, Configuration Change Management, Configuration Status Accounting, Configuration Verification and Audit, as well as their underlying principles. The SAE EIA-649-1A is intended to help the government and/or industry acting in the acquirer role place CM requirements on DoD contracts by supplying the “shall” statements for implementing the EIA-649 CM functions and principles.



After successfully completing this course and exam, you will receive 2.0-2.4 CEUs (CEU quantity is dependent upon class duration) and your SAE EIA-649-1A Configuration Management Requirements for Defense Contracts Certification from CMPIC LLC.



  • Defense Acquirers and/or Suppliers who want to understand configuration management requirements placed on acquisition contracts per industry standards.

  • Organizations who will have EIA-649-1 tailored requirements called out in contracts.

  • Any organization wanting to place industry standard CM requirements on contracts.

  • CM professionals who are considered CM Subject Matter Experts.



There are no prerequisites for this course.



    Part 1
  • SAE/EIA-649-1A Rationale, Foreword, Contents Overview
  • Introduction and Section 1.0 Scope
  • 2.0 References
  • 3.0 CM Requirements and 3.1 Planning Management
  • Workshop #1

    Part 2
  • 3.2 Configuration Identification 1 of 2
  • 3.2 Configuration Identification 2 of 2
  • Workshop #2
  • Configuration Change Management 1 of 2
  • Configuration Change Management 2 of 2
  • Workshop #3
    Part 3
  • 3.4 Configuration Status Accounting
  • Workshop #4
  • Configuration Verification and Audit
  • Workshop #5
  • Table 1 Cross Reference for Principles from ANSI/EIA-649
  • Table 2 and 3 DIDs and DD Forms and 4.0 Notes
  • Annex A Tailoring Worksheet (annotated)
  • Certification Exam



The course was eye opening for me and will definitely aid in preparing future statements of work. Also, the course demonstrates how to critically think about the requirements that need to be levied on the contractor. Great job!

Good class as it made us really go through the document to focus on what we need to do to put the -1 on contract.

I felt this course was very useful to my current job.

The CM course was very beneficial to me as I am new to the acquisition community. It is actually perfect timing as I will be part of a new contract and can utilize the CM functions and principles [taught in this class].

Very comprehensive - Deep dive into CM. Excellent examples and discussions.

Very enlightening. Increased my knowledge of contracts and CM. Specifically the "shall" statements. I need to read the contracts I work on to see the expected requirements.

Enjoyed instructor’s comments on application of building blocks for CM.

I learned so much in these three days. Being new to CM, this class has prepared me to carry on / start a knowledgeable career within my organization!

This class definitely exceeded my expectations! The materials provided are great. The way [the instructor] provided examples/clarification and allowed others to provide input/feedback was fantastic.

The information shared during the class discussions and workshops was very informative. Interaction and networking with fellow CM/DM personnel is a plus to any [training] program.

I understand the wording on contracts needs to be precise, but it is difficult to understand. Thank goodness for the translation from the instructor!

This course was very knowledgeable and it was interesting to hear about how CM is done in other contractors / government realms.

Instructor’s personal knowledge of real-world examples helped reinforce the points he made about course content.

The course was very informative and helpful to the needs I require to perform my daily duties. Great class!

Excellent and timely training as we are updating our CMP. This material will make a nice update to our manual and practices.

I feel this course should be mandatory for contracting personnel.

I [have had a] productive last 3 days in learning. Enjoyed class interaction. Exchanged knowledge and experiences with fellow classmates. The course definitely enhanced my CM knowledge.

The courses and instructors are great, but the exchange of information, ideas, and perceptions, and lessons learned from other attendees is invaluable as well. A wonderful forum!

Very important course!

I will be using the entire course material in my day-to-day CM activities.

This class was an excellent opportunity to get knowledge and answers to questions from an instructor in person (vs online training). It also was a great opportunity to share experiences with other CMs.

A good 3 days that will make my job better.

This course will allow me to add value to CM as a functional piece of our programs.