Configuration Management Principles and Implementation Certification

CMPIC Courses 1-4:  64 hours total  |  6.40 CEUs  |  Certification

1: CM Foundations  |  2: CM Identification  |  3: Change Management  |  4: CM Implementation


Three students standing proud after receving CMPIC Configuration Management Certification.


The four courses that make up the CM Principles & Implementation (CMPIC) certification program have been developed to provide a solid foundation in Configuration Management (CM) to all those who need a thorough understanding of configuration management principles, processes, tools, and workflows; and how to achieve integration to provide an effective and efficient enterprise solution. Obvious candidates are CM and SCM managers; CM administrators, specialists, and analysts; DM managers and specialists; document control staff and personnel directly responsible for overall CM success.

These courses will also provide vital knowledge to others involved in CM as well; i.e. IT system administrators; hardware, software, manufacturing and facility engineering; QA personnel; test personnel and project managers.

Course examples have been collected from various environments. Students from IT, software, hardware, manufacturing and facility environments will feel equally comfortable in relating the lecture, discussions and materials to their own environments and situations.




Please see specific course pages for detailed overview on content and schedule:
Courses can be completed in any order over any duration of time. Two exams will be given. The first exam will cover the content addressed in Course 1 and Course 2. The second exam will cover the content addressed on Course 3 and Course 4. All four courses and both exams must be completed in order to earn your "CM Principles and Implementation Certification" and 6.4 CEUs.



Upon successful completion of all four certification courses and passing of the two certification exams, students are awarded 6.4 CEUs along with their Configuration Management Principles and Implementation Certification from CMPIC LLC.



There are no prerequisites for the courses that make up this certification:

1: CM Foundations  |  2: CM Identification  |  3: Change Management  |  4: CM Implementation



Stay on top of your game! Experience and education are key to successful configuration management. The CMPIC certification courses will expose even the most experienced personnel to new approaches and techniques. If you were certified years ago, it may be time to update your CM knowledge and skills or earn your Master's Certifiction in Enterprise Configuration Management.



I definitely feel empowered to tackle the CM issues in my company thank to the knowledge learned at these 4 courses.

The CMPIC approach is very intuitive and geared for both newer CMers and even the most seasoned guru. The disciplines of CM are explained in a way that make it easier to bring about / suggest CM process improvements in the work place.

A great set of classes to bring me up to speed on the current direction in CM.

These courses are excellent and provide a good framework for personnel to build their program.

Very informative. Outlooks on CM are refreshing - not the typical "book" perspective.

I love the fact that the instructor took the time to find supporting standards for so many different business models.

All courses provided what I think will help me with my job in terms of new ways and improvements to current processes.

With each session I gain additional confidence to perform CM duties.

I learned so much from all instructors. Definitely courses worth taking for all levels of an enterprise, not just CM professionals.

The entire CM community should take CMPIC courses.

I found attending your CMPIC classes very motivating. I like having your binders to use as reference afterwards.

CMPIC has taught me a great deal in CM, but it also exposed that what we currently do at our job is already configuration management. If we follow the processes and procedures along with the standards we will hit our goal every time!

By far the most comprehensive "intro" to CM yet!

CMPIC overall is a great resource for those wanting to know about CM or to refresh.

The information provided will lead me a long way in my career.

I have a tremendous job ahead of me and I now feel like I am armed with good CM process information.