Configuration Change Management

CMPIC Course 3:  16 hours  |  Part of the CMPIC Certification series - 6.4 CEUs


Three students standing proud after receving CMPIC Configuration Management Certification.


The 16-hour Change Management course is part of the Configuration Management Principles and Implementation Certification series. This course provides in-depth details associated with that element of CM known as Configuration Change Management. It covers the full spectrum from change proposal to change disposition to change implementation using what CMPIC believes to be the best practices model for understanding this complex subject. Details will cover change workflow, change forms, change boards, change tracking, metrics and more. The role of automated tools in helping manage various aspects of Configuration Change Management will also be discussed.




Students who attend CMPIC Courses 1, 2, 3, & 4 and successfully pass the associated exams will receive 6.4 CEUs and their Configuration Management Principles and Implementation Certification from CMPIC LLC. This certification designates that the student has passed an approved course of study in CM principles and implementation.



There are no prerequisites for this course.



  • Introduction
  • Configuration Change Management
  • Change Proposal and Analysis
  • Change Disposition
  • Workshop #1
  • Change Boards
  • Change Implementation
  • Change and Effectivity
  • Workshop #2

  • Priorities and Classifications
  • Change Management Issues
  • Eliminating Bottlenecks
  • Workshop #3
  • Deviations, Waivers and Variances
  • Status Accounting and Change
  • Change Process Metrics
  • Workshop #4



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Stay on top of your game! Experience and education are key to successful configuration management. The CMPIC certification courses will expose even the most experienced personnel to new approaches and techniques. If you were certified years ago, it may be time to update your CM knowledge and skills or earn your Master's Certifiction in Enterprise Configuration Management.



Great class - touches on every aspect of Change Management being utilized in our workplace today.

The practical application for change management is one of the most useful aspects in CM. Understanding how all of it works together will allow me to continue to evaluate / reevaluate the structure and activities within my own organization and those I support.

The detail of change management really helped me understand what is lacking in my work environment.

I like the additional knowledge and deeper dive into change process. Getting input and discussion from other classmates and instructor is invaluable.

Best CM course I've taken. Loved the way the material fits all worlds - government and commercial.

One of the best training courses I have attended.

I got a tremendous amount of feedback from instructor and the students in formal workshops and informal discussions in and after course times.

Great Class! Gives us the vision we need and shows us how far we currently are from reaching that vision.

Enjoyed the material and how it was presented at a level that will facilitate direct application.

It is very nice to see that none of the instructors try to push any particular CM tool (a big concern with my management).

Would recommend this to anyone who seeks CM knowledge / improvement / looking for best practices in the future or now

Great ideas to improve processes and procedures.

Real life examples shown were helpful in providing better understanding of suggestions to change.