Configuration Management Foundations

CMPIC Course 1:  16 hours  |  Part of the CMPIC Certification series - 6.4 CEUs


Three students standing proud after receving CMPIC Configuration Management Certification.


The 16-hour Configuration Management Foundations course is part of the CM Principles and Implementation Certification series. This course provides a high level overview of the role of configuration management as it relates to assuring conformance in regards to products and processes. It also discusses the history of CM, the logic behind CM, the various elements of CM (planning, identification, change management, status accounting, verification and audit). It also reviews various government and industry approaches to CM as well as various perceptions associated with CM.




Students who attend CMPIC Courses 1, 2, 3, & 4 and successfully pass the associated exams will receive 6.4 CEUs and their Configuration Management Principles and Implementation Certification from CMPIC LLC. This certification designates that the student has passed an approved course of study in CM principles and implementation.



There are no prerequisites for this course.



  • Introduction
  • Configuration Management Overview
  • Who Needs Configuration Management
  • Configuration Management History and Requirements
  • Workshop #1
  • Configuration Management and Quality
  • Elements of Configuration Management
  • Terminology Issues
  • Workshop #2

  • Life Cycle Concepts
  • Document, Data, and Management
  • Configuration Management and Information Quality
  • Workshop #3
  • What Does Configuration Management Cost?
  • Configuration Management is Misunderstood
  • So You Don't Want CM?
  • Workshop #4



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Stay on top of your game! Experience and education are key to successful configuration management. The CMPIC certification courses will expose even the most experienced personnel to new approaches and techniques. If you were certified years ago, it may be time to update your CM knowledge and skills or earn your Master's Certifiction in Enterprise Configuration Management.



I learned more in this class than I have in any other class I have taken for my job.

I've seen a few different CM presentations, all mostly consistent with each other. This course had more information, perspective, and insight than any other.

I feel like I have a much stronger understanding of CM foundations and a way of thinking more intelligently and analytically about the processes we use and do not use.

[Course 1 was] eye-opening and showed me where my projects are lacking. Hoping to apply what I learned to help both legacy and new projects.

Great pace on delivery - lively presentation, dynamic speaking, interesting relevant stories and examples.

I will be taking my increased knowledge in the foundation of CM to help my organization become more aware of the importance of configuration management.

Instructor was extremely well prepared with current events relevant to our company’s applications. All levels of management would benefit from this training.

I plan on leveraging the resources from this class and [instructor’s] knowledge to ensure my program setup is in compliance.

[This class] allowed me to learn how others perform CM and the correct way to perform CM.

[The instructor’s] ability to use real-life examples to illustrate the course material was extremely helpful. While the material itself is informative, the application of these principles in industry was most helpful for me when learning.

I think you could market this course as more than just CM.

Forward thinking training on CM basics - enjoyed this immensely. Learned a lot from class participants as well - good group.

Needed a refresher and this was not only a refresher but taught me things I didn’t know.

I learned more than I thought I knew with 15 years of CM experience.

This course exceeded all of my expectations.

[The instructor's] real world experience helped me understand where my company can improve. Best class I have gone to in my CM career.

I found this course very informative as well as interesting. [Instructor] brought real life examples into it. Additionally, showed it from different methodologies - something I have not found in other [organization's] courses.

Very informative course. It made me realize my organization can greatly improve on CM.

This course has made me excited about the possibilities inherent in this profession.

This course was not just helpful in a CM state, but also from a customer state as well. Learning more than I ever thought I would and loving it.

I am very much looking forward to enhancing and implementing these fresh ideas and becoming an active participant in the success of my company.