On-site Configuration Management Training & Certification

On-site Configuration Management training classes held at your facility can save your company time and money.

CM classes taught onsite at your organization

About On-site Classes

We understand that sending multiple employees to a public training session can add up to a huge travel expense and may create scheduling conflicts. For this reason, CMPIC offers on-site training sessions for any number of attendees! We will also work with you to create a customized schedule that meets your needs. Please see the on-site requirements below.

All CMPIC courses are available to be taught at your facility OR as virtual training. Plus, all on-site courses are offered at a reduced rate on a sliding scale that decreases as more students attend. Please contact the CMPIC office to prepare your personalized quote today.

To schedule an in-person onsite or private virtual class, find out about availability, or request a quote, please contact the CMPIC office at:

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On-site classes available to be taught in both English & German in Europe.


On-site, In-Person Requirements

  • Host will provide the conference room, audio/visual needs, and instructor travel expenses.

  • CMPIC will provide the instructor and all training materials.

  • Minimum ten (10) attendees for locations within North America; minimum 15 attendees for locations outside of North America.

  • Classes with fewer than 10 attendees may be accepted for locations within the contiguous United States. Pricing will be based on the 10-attendee minimum.

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On-site Course Fees

On-Site Course Fees (USD) Per Attendee up to 10 attendees
cost per person, per course
Each additional attendee:
starting with the 11th student
Government Discounted Rate**:
First 10 attendees per person, per course
Government Discounted Rate**Each additional attendee: starting with the 11th student
Course 1
CM Foundations
CMPIC Certification Course 1 of 4 (2 days) $900 $700 $850 $650
Course 2
CM Identification
CMPIC Certification Course 2 of 4 (2 days) $900 $700 $850 $650
Course 3
Change Management
CMPIC Certification Course 3 of 4 (2 days) $900 $700 $850 $650
Course 4
CM Implementation
CMPIC Certification Course 4 of 4 (2 days) $900 $700 $850 $650
Course 6
SAE EIA-649C Certification (3 days) $1250 $950 $1190 $900
Course 7
CM Assessor Certification
CM Assessor Certification (3 days) $1250 $950 $1190 $900
Course 8
SCM: Strategies, Techniques & Tools
Software Configuration Management Certification (4 days) $1450 $1090 $1380 $1035
Course 9
CM Standards & Practices Update
CM Standards & Practices Update course* (3 days) $1250 $950 $1190 $900
Course 10
SAE EIA-649-1 CM Requirements for Defense Contracts Certification (3 days) $1250 $950 $1190 $900
Course 15
Security-Focused CM of Information Systems
Security-Focused CM of Information Systems: Principles & Applications Certification (3 days) $1250 $950 $1190 $900
Course 16
CM Planning
CM Planning Certification (3 days) $1250 $950 $1190 $900
Course 12
CM for Engineers, PMs & QA
CM for Engineers, PMs & QA course* (2 days) $1000 $750 $950 $725
All fees shown are US Dollars (USD).

* No certification will be awarded for CMPIC Course 9 and Course 12. All other courses taught by CMPIC will result in a certification upon successful completion.

* Classes with fewer than 10 attendees may be accepted. For less than 10 attendees in a class, the minimum fee will be the course fee multiplied by 10 attendees. Offer only available within the contiguous United States.



Payment and Cancellation Policy

  • Host should request an official CMPIC quote for a specified number of attendees. Any additional students attending will be added to final invoice based upon prices shown above. Host will be invoiced the quoted amount plus additional attendee fees (if applicable).

  • No refunds will be issued for no-show attendees, however prepaid students who miss an onsite class may attend a public class session with no additional course registration fee (same course only).

  • Host may cancel class 31 or more days in advance of training start-date with no penalty. Cancellation within 30 days will require a cancellation fee of 10% of the total projected invoice amount plus any class-related expenses already incurred by CMPIC (printing, travel costs, etc).

  • Classes may be rescheduled at any time, however any class-related expenses already incurred by CMPIC (printing, travel costs, etc) will be invoiced.

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